Programs for Youth with Autism

Sexual Education for Youth with Autism

Adolescents on the autism spectrum have unique challenges that are often hard for their parents, teachers, and peers to understand. While adolescence is a difficult time for most people, it is especially difficult for teens who struggle to understand ever-changing social expectations.

During this time, their bodies are changing, their peers changing, and all of the rules around them are changing. Since people on the autism spectrum rely on consistency and predictable social environments, they enter this phase of life at an extreme disadvantage. Supporting them during adolescence requires an awareness of their needs and knowledge about strategies that will give them the skills they will need to develop and reach their potential.

Without the right support, adolescents on the autism spectrum are at risk for acting out behaviorally. A number of courses will be provided for youth with autism to support them overcome the difficulties of this stage. Read more..........

Teaching Organizational Skills

Organizational skills become increasingly important as children progress through the grade levels. Thus, every year in school, the tasks become more complex, the organizational demands increase, and children are given greater responsibility for monitoring their behavior. Poor organizational skills can make school/work overwhelming.

This course can be helpful if your child has the following difficulties:

(a) coming to class without needed supplies,

(b) losing papers,

(c) can’t find needed items in backpack or desk,

(d) forgets lunch money,

(e) doesn’t know what the homework is, and

(f) has completed homework, but doesn’t turn it in.

Groups are designed based on functional level and individual needs. Read more.....

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