Intensive Behavioral Intervention/Early Years

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is the science based on the principles of behavior. ABA is the treatment of choice for autism. ABA uses procedures that have been demonstrated (through applied research) to work in helping individuals to learn new skills. As well, problem behaviors are assessed and systematically remediated through effective intervention plans, which look at the function(s) of the target behavior.

What is IBI?

IBI refers to Intensive Behavioral Intervention (i.e., typically greater than 20 hours per week). IBI relies on procedures drawn primarily from the field of ABA in which a number of procedures, including but not limited to, discrete trial training (DTT), are used most often in a one‐to‐one format to teach new skills.

Intensive Behavior Intervention (IBI) targets a variety of skills:

-Problem Behavior and Learning Barriers
-Attention and listening
-Communication and Language
-Imitation and Motor Skills
-Play and Social Skills
-Self-help Skills (toileting, eating, dressing, etc.)
-Visual Perceptual Skills
-School Readiness Skills
-Literacy Skills

We provide one-to-one instruction for each child, in a setting with other children learning nearby. We also provide opportunities to learn in an integrated group, while maintaining individualized goals.

For each child, we give:

-Ongoing assessment
-Continuous goal refinement and program development
-Ongoing training and supervision of the instructors working with your child
-Team meetings regarding your child's program
-Daily communication with parents
-Data collection and graphing for behavioral goals
-Teaching materials
-Collaboration with daycare, school and other professionals

In addition, a parent workshop will be conducted once every 6 weeks by a senior staff at the FLC or a professional , such as Occupational therapist to address skills taught at home.

Parents are welcome to schedule to attend any number of sessions at the centre. Whether the service is delivered at home or at the centre, at least one parent is expected to attend a minimum of 3 individual sessions per month with the senior therapist for training purposes. The aim of the parent sessions are to evaluate objectives worked on at home, to observe the parent working with the child, to provide feedback on teaching style and to provide the parent with objectives to practice at home, such as acquired language, concepts or play skills.

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