Functional Learning Centre has developed an app to help its valued clients navigate their children’s schedule, communicate session changes including cancelling of future sessions and provide availability for the upcoming months.
FLC has developed a new Web-based that is compatible with smart phones and other hand-held devices. 

The MyFLC app is web-based. 

The link to the app is which you can enter into any internet browser whether on a computer or a smart phone and will grant you access.

Or you may scan this QR code with your smart phone to take you directly to the login page of the app.

Access Credentials application form

All clients are sent an email with confirmation and instructions on how to access MyFLC app. IF you wish to add another user to an active account, like grandparents or care-provider to also be able to access the app, you will need to apply for access credentials from FLC's scheduling team.

Please use the form below to request access to the app.

Getting Started with MyFLC app

  • When you open the app for the first time, please press on the "Forgot Password" button. An email will be sent to your inbox to enter your password email.
  • You will be taken to the home page where you can choose any of the app’s functionalities.
  • If the notification icon is red (Bell icon at top center of page), this means that there are new sessions or changes that require your attention to review and provide your feedback.
  • On pressing the notification icon, you will be able to view the details of these sessions.
  • You can either accept the session or change or you can request further edits by clicking on the edit pen icon.
  • This will open a dialogue box allowing you to select a new time window to your preference by selecting no earlier than hour and minutes, then no later than hour and minutes.
  • Then you click submit. The request will be sent to FLC scheduling to try and accommodate your new availability window.
  • Make sure to review all sessions in the notification view until none are left except for the ones that you requested an edit for. These sessions will remain in this view until reviewed by the scheduling team.
  •  Now, all the sessions that you have accepted will show in the schedule view.
  • The schedule view has three tabs; Today, tomorrow and upcoming.
  • The default tab is today. The page will show today’s sessions and a recap at the top of the page showing start and finish times and total duration of today’s services which comes in handy when your child has multiple sessions on the same day.
  • If you need to cancel a session, you just click on the cancel icon, enter notes for the reason of cancellation (Mandatory field) and then press continue to confirm.
  • The tomorrow tab will show if your child has any sessions tomorrow and it works just as the Today tab.
  • The Upcoming tab will show all the sessions you accepted earlier in chronological order.
  • At the top center of the screen, you will notice a bell icon, this let’s you go directly to the notification page and review new sessions or changes to sessions.
  • A red bell will let you know that there are notifications pending your review, a green bell denotes that there is nothing to view.

MY FLC app