WHY a Social Skills Group?

Research shows that having plans for generalization and maintenance of newly acquired skills is key to helping these skills become part of the child’s repertoire.This is where a structured interactive group session or an after school program could differ from an in school one. It gives the children a chance to have shared experiences which develops a closeness that defines friendship.

Children with social skills difficulties do not learn by imitation only, they need clear direction and frequent practice to learn skills that come naturally to other children.

Target Behaviors for social skills groups:
-Conversational Rules
-Problem-Solving Skills
-Perspective Taking
-Making Inferences

Group activities include:
Activities to target individualized needs
-Active games to develop peer interaction, participation, sharing ideas and sharing ideas
-Board games
-Role play
-Concept games
-Activities to develop literacy skills

Group 1: 4-5 years old
Group 2: 5-7 years old
Group 3:
8-12 years old

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