Upcoming workshops

All information provided in the workshops are evidence-based  and derived from current research in Applied Behavior Analysis.

All workshops are prepared and presented by a BCBA (unless otherwise noted)

Location: At the Functional Learning Centre.

Time: From 6:00-7:30 pm

Date: Friday, 7th February 2014

What IS Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? And What IS NOT ABA?

This session will provide information to parents why ABA is the intervention of choice when working with persons with autism spectrum disorder and will allow them to judge whether an intervention is based on ABA or not.
Cost: $30

Date: Friday, 14th February, 2014

Toilet Training for children with ASD

How to get the job done? Independent toileting is critical to participation in the least restrictive environment. This session will provide you with strategies for developing toilet training plans, based on research to start or re-start toilet training immediately with children of varied needs. 
Cost: $30

Date: Friday, 21st February
, 2014
Reinforcement Systems: As Parents, What do You Need to Know?

This session provides the theoretical groundwork upon which behavioral approaches to teaching and behavior management are based. Emphasis will be placed on application of learning theory to real life. The following are among the topics being covered:
• Understanding functions of problem behaviors;
• Identifying easy and difficult requests for your child;
• How to give effective instructions;
• How to reinforce children following instructions;
• Practicing ABA at home
Cost: $30

Date: Friday, 28th February, 2014
Verbal Behavior: How to teach Functional Language.

Here language is defined as a learned behavior that is acquired and maintained by environmental variables. Verbal behavior can produce meaningful improvements and learning for a large number of children with ASD (National Research Council, 2001). This session will cover the six elementary verbal operants that make up the verbal repertoire of a person (Skinner, 1975)
Cost: $30