A Behavior Intervention Plan includes         
-A definition/description of the behaviors and skills being targeted
-A description of the interventions that will be used including who will be involved,  specific procedures that will be followed and an explanation of how data will be collected
-A measurable description of the behavior  changes you expect to see
-A description of how the success of the interventions will be measured
-A schedule for when/how often the plan will be reviewed to determine its effectiveness
-A description of when and how information will be shared between home and school
Behavior consultant (BC) 
-Conducts initial and ongoing assessments
-Develops treatment plans and program implementation based on each client’s individual needs
-Overlaps program facilitators in the centre and in the client’s home to ensure treatment integrity
-Provides parent training
-Conducts team meetings
Behavior Interventionist (BI)
-Provides Intensive Behavioral Intervention
-Follows prescribed programs as written
-Collects and graphs data to be used to evaluate children’s progress
-Prepares written documentation regarding children’s plans and progress as required