What IS Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA IS representational of a clear and systematic way to describe, observe, & measure behavior

ABA IS a science that uses very specific information about behavior to choose interventions to improve socially significant behavior

ABA IS a research-based (evidence-based) philosophy

ABA IS based on applied & functional goals

ABA IS involves data-driven assessment & intervention

ABA IS supportive of teaching both simple and complex skills

ABA IS supportive of an individualized approach to addressing strengths & needs of individual

ABA IS focused on increasing maintenance, generalization, & independence

ABA IS a philosophy that reinforces learning opportunities 24/7

ABA IS responsive and proactive


IS NOTApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA IS NOT relevant only to individuals diagnosed with autism or PDD/NOS

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) IS NOT synonymous with discrete trial training (DTT)

ABA IS NOT only applied to "behavioral" problems

Applied Behavior Analysis IS NOT only effective for young children

ABA (or DTT) IS NOT only done at a table-top

Anyone CAN NOT do ABA

ABA IS NOT harmful/uncomfortable for children

If a child does not receive intensive ABA by five years of age, the “window of opportunity” for learning will close

40 hours of ABA are NOT necessarily needed for a positive effect

ABA DOES NOT produce robotic behavior

ABA DOES NOT only use edible (food) for reinforcers

ABA DOES NOT only work for "intellectually delayed" individuals

ABA IS NOT antiquated (something from the 70's)